As part of the 36nd edition, we offer you the choice of 5 races:


•The marathon (42,195 km) from the age of 20 years (1998): Olympic event, qualifying for the French Championship.

•The half-marathon (21,100 km) from the age of 18 years (2000).

•The 10 km from the age of 16 (2002).

•The mini raid of the OUEN TORO: approximately 5 km in nature with a slight gradient that will make the difference among members of the same family or group of friends. A fueling station will be installed halfway through where you can enjoy local products.

•The challenge "Agnes BERNARD" (up to 2 km) from the age of 8 to 13 years (2010 to 2005). This race is taking place by age, without ranking and where all children are rewarded.

This challenge was established three years after the death of Agnès BERNARD, Member for more than ten years to the Organizing Committee and according to her will, a donation was given to the COMINC for development effort in general and running in particular.