The association

Members  C.O.M.I.N.C  -  2024

PositionNameFirst name
President DUMET Bruno
Vice-President and Race Director DEMAY Marc
Multipurpose secretary DUMET Jocelyne
Treasurer CLAUDEY Dominique
Assistant Treasurer (Multi-skilled member, children's races) MONTESINOS Claude
Assistant Race Director SPITZ Isabelle
IT - Online Registration/Hardware FAROU Daniel
Doctor - Health support LAPLACE Alain
Enrolment/IT input DI GIANNANTONIO Nadine
Japanese Manager TAKAHASHI Masahiko
Co-Leader Japanese SMITH-YOKOYAMA Rumiko
Arrival Site Manager DEMAY Isabelle
Multi-purpose assistant CLAUDEY Elisabeth
Multi-purpose assistant TRUONG Marie-Thérèse
Multi-purpose assistant VANDERPLANCKE Anne-Sophie
Equipment Manager/Children's race DECHAVANNE Ludovic
Communication Manager DECHAVANNE Véronique
Communication Volunteers CHANTELAUZE Georges
Catering Manager SAMITIER Yvon
Honorary President CHAUBET Serge


History of the marathon

It is at the initiative of M. YAMADA and M. HIRAMITSU of TACHIKAWA (Japan) that New Caledonia Marathon was created in 1983 with the support of M. Roger KADDOUR then President of the League of athletics, the goal being to propose to our Japanese friends a race that makes them dream under the coconut trees.

An agreement was therefore signed for the Organization of a marathon, and for 20 years Tachikawa will sponsor the marathon of New Caledonia, allowing many metropolitan, Ethiopian, Russian and Kenyan riders and also enabling Caledonians to compete with their Japanese counterparts.

Since, if our relations are always excellent, there is no more convention but a partnership where each respecting the other, so the relations are progressing in human terms.

On all the past years, these are our Japanese competitors, faithful accustomed platoon, who have posted the most podiums.

Organized during the austral winter when the temperature is ideal, the competition is usually taking place in August.

The course, which all these years has undergone many changes, is still very nice, borrowing mainly all the bays of NOUMEA. An international marathon but on a human scale, where everything is done for the rider to feel warmly welcomed so he can take part in this event in excellent conditions despite the Jet lag for some.

Quite naturally, to allow many more riders to be part of the feast, a semi-marathon was held in parallel with the marathon.

In 2011, the "Challenge Agnes BERNARD" has been created, an event for children from 8 to 13 years combining good humor and competition where each young runner, if not class, is generously rewarded.

In 2015, the "Strides of friendship" 5 Km race was replaced by "the 10km of Nouméa" race which uses the same route as the marathon along the bays.

The marathon will be fully computerized. Indeed, each rider, as in major competitions will be equipped with a number with electronic chip to ensure automatic control and instant results and this regardless of the race of the day.

All these events will take place to the rhythm of Caledonia folk groups and now traditional "Japanese drum" sound.

The Committee will be happy to receive you and advise you on these different races.